Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 4: Fresh

Day four is a fresh detour from running. Oh I did my run, spent 30 minutes around the track and ran for 15 of those minutes. Go me. :)

AnyWHO, today was an important day for a group of people in a certain fandom. The 12th Doctor was announced to the world today and if you don't know what that means or the  significance of this, please stop reading and leave.

Doctor Who has become a big part of my life and I like to tell myself that I'm running to be a future companion. It's one of the little motivators that keeps me going because when you're with the Doctor, there really is a lot of running.

Since the announcement of Matt Smith's departure from the show, there has been so much speculation as to who the next Doctor would, could, and should be. Our speculations were silenced today as it was announced in a simulcast throughout the world that Peter Capaldi will be filling the roll of the 12th incarnation of the Doctor. I am excited to see what kind of Doctor he will play and absolutely cannot wait for season eight. It is going to be FANTASTIC!

So tonight I present to you, two fresh faces. The first is of me fresh out of the shower after tonight's run. Mostly to somewhat stick to my personal guidelines and keeping it relative to my run. The second is the fresh new face of Doctor Who. Look at us together, don't you think I'd make an absolutely brilliant companion?? ;D Time to keep on training!

Now let's see how early I can get up for my run tomorrow! Probably no earlier than usual, but you never know, stranger things have happened. :) See y'all maƱana! :)

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