Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 8: Peek-A-Boo

So this was going to be a ranting post along with a picture of what I thought of today, which wasn't a very age  appropriate thing to post but because of one small thing, my entire mentality of tonight's post was changed.

Okay so my run sucked tonight. There were entirely too many people there.I know it's a park and anyone can go but still, there were WAY too many people. Usually there's a bunch of people but they're so spread out around the park and it still makes for an enjoyable and relaxing run. Not tonight, no.

Tonight, there were putas (for lack of a better word, and if you don't know what that means, look out up) walking the track in their tiny, tight shorts and tight shirts, guys with "swag" holding their croches cuz they don't have enough ass to hold up their shorts which are halfway down said non-existent ass and wearing Chicago Bulls oversized hats. I doubt they even know what city the Bulls are based in. And then there were the couples. At least 10 different groups with 2-3 couples who don't walk behind each other, no, they all walk NEXT to each other, taking up the entire pathway and giving other people who run between them dirty looks & flipping them off behind their backs. I couldn't run 10 feet without almost running into someone!!! Way too many people at one small park, not cool and definitely not fun.

Another reason tonight sucked, my IHeart Radio app was completely off target tonight and not playing anything I could run too. I spent too much time skipping songs and avoiding people collisions.

Anyway, that's my rant for the evening. I came home, took a shower and thought about how I was going to go off on a rant and even had a "peek-a-boo" photo of a lovely bird in my room (aka me flipping off the camera.) Then I went to close the door to my room when I saw it, peeking at me from my necklace holder, Fiesta Shark. :)

Here's the story of Fiesta Shark: as all the cool kids know, this week is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Anything you ever wanted to know about sharks, you can learn by watching Shark Week. Anywho, Tuesday was kid's day at my nearby Peter Piper Pizza so my mom, nieces and I went. Well it was a fiesta theme this week so there were plenty of fiesta stickers to go around. My mom and I are holding my niece's stuff and I see a blue shark on the table. So me being me, I decided to have a little fun with the leftover stickers. Thus, Fiesta Shark was born. He's managed to find his way into unexpected little places in our house and he showed up in my room tonight, and seeing that blue, Fiesta-ing bastard looking so very happy with his maracas on his fins and a fish in his mouth made me smile and brought me out of my bad mood. :)

Tonight I present to you, Fiesta Shark! Playing peek-a-boo on my necklace holder and his goldfish buddy, peeking out of his mouth.

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